Meet The Maasai People Who Drink Cow Blood

The Maasai tribe is one of the African tribes that drink cow blood. The Maasai people inhabit Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania and they are semi-nomadic people.

They drink fresh cow blood and milk directly from the udders of the cow. Though they don't kill the cow before collecting its blood because they revere their cows, instead the blood is usually gotten from the loose flesh from the neck of the cows using an arrow. 

The fresh cow blood is usually taken on special occasions like circumcision, a girl's marriage etc. Also, it is taken to alleviate drunken men from hangover. 

Guess what? Men from Maasai tribe believe that this ritual of cow blood drinking nourishes their skin! That's weird right?

There are more absurd cultures you haven't yet heard or read about. That is the reason I am here

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