Ibadan Forest of Human Skulls AKA FOREST OF HORROR

 Ibadan forest of horror also known as Soka is found in Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria. It forest was incidentally discovered by a motorcyclist on the 22nd March 2014.

The forest is said to have over 20 decomposed human bodies and numbering over a hundred human skulls. These are supposedly the skulls of victims who fell into the 'den' of ritual killers and were unfortunate to meet their death. However, these ritual killers or kidnappers work for Nigerians and politicians who obtain political positions by shedding blood and or human sacrifice. 

After the place was unveiled, the Governor of Oyo state, Gov. Abiola Ajimobi visited the place; a building with variety of items, ranging from clothes to children's belongings. Possibly belonging to victims of their ritual activities. Though, 6 people were caught and arrested by the law in connection to the ritual activities It is indeed a FOREST OF HORROR.

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