"My Husband Has Been Sexually Molesting Our 9 Months Old Son" Lady Cries Out

One of the duties of parents is to look out for their children and protect them as much as they can. A lady identified as Onyinye Onome has cried out for justice for her 9 months and 2 weeks old son who was molested by her husband (who is also her son's father).
Onyinye Onome took to her Facebook page to share her predicament. In her post, she explained that unknowing to her, her husband is into men.Though she has been observing strange things aboug her husband, and called the attention of his family members, but they dismissed it. Then recently, she caught her husband pulling their son's genitals and they both had it 'hot'. And ever since, the little boy has been stooling blood. A doctor confirmed that he has been sexually assaulted.
The couple had their wedding in December 2019, and had a son together. Following the recent development, she asks for justice. Finally, the poster disclosed that her husband whose name is Inalu Victor Chukwutem has been threatening to end her life as she no longer goes to her shop.Her said husband even told her categorically that "This is Nigeria. And there is nothing like law.
Let's help end sexual assault. Let's bring this man to book.

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