See What Has Happened To Some Of The Actors Of The Movie 'IGODO' 21 Years After Production

Igodo: The land Of The Living Dead is a 1999 Nigerian adventure film that was produced by Don Pedro Obaseki and directed Andy Amenechi.
'Igodo' is one Nollywoood movie that will remain evergreen in our memory. Igodo as a movie featured Norbert Young (Igodo), Pete Edochie, Charles Okafor, Chiege Alisigwe, Chidi Muokeme etc. Though some of the actors are late. The likes of Late Pa Osuji, Prince James Uche, Obi Madubogwu. The plot: Igodo tells the story of a village that is troubled by evil spirits and sorcery. The only way to stop these evil spirits was for the men in the village to go to the evil forest to recover a sword with amazing powers to fight evil spirit and powers in the village. Igodo(Norbert Young) joins this quest to the evil forest. He traveled there with a group and returned alone. The group included Norbert Young (Igodo), Sam Dede, Charles Okafor, Prince James Uche(now late), Ignis Ekwe, Obi Madubogwu. Most of his colleagues were killed and hunted down by the spirits and monsters of the evil forest who prevent them from finding the sword of amazing powers of a certain village that was overwhelmed with calamity. Some 21 years after the movie was produced, here are the main actors. 1.NORBERT YOUNG. He is the main character from whom the movie got its name. In the movie, he was the hero who returned alive with the sword.
He has aged 21 solid years after the adventurous movie was shot and now married.
Others include: 2. SAM Dede: He was among the 7 that journeyed into the evil forest to retrieve the sword. Sam Dede has also featured in hundreds of Nollywoood movies including ISSAKABA, In My Country, etc
3. CHARLES OKAFOR also featured in the movie. He was among the 'chosen seven'. Recently, Charles Okafor has quit acting because according to him, he has found Christ.
4. OBI MADUBOGWU. Obi Madubogwu during his lifetime, tried to be a successful actor but death however crept in after battling with illness for a while.
5. PRINCE JAMES UCHE: This Nollywoood actor entertained us back in the days. But however he is late now.
In addition, Pa Igodo (the greyed hair man) whose birth name is Pa Osuji is also late. Other actors included Pete Edochie, Chidi

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