See How Corp Members Rocked The NYSC Uniform

After one year compulsory national youth service, today marks the end of the service year for 2020/2021 Batch 'A' corp members. This is usually celebrated with a Passing Out Parade(POP). The passing out parade is usually done in a grand style, after having answered the clarion call to serve their father land.
National Youth Service Corp is a program set up by Nigerian government to involve Nigerian graduates in nation building. And its duration is 1 year, where corp members are posted to different states in the federation. After this compulsory one year national service, they become eligible to go into the 'labour market'(as they often refer to it), and go in search of job opportunities Though there is an official NYSC dress code which remains a pair of khaki trousers and shirt, crested vest, white vest, a pair of white shorts, a pair of zebra-striped socks, a pair of jungle boots, a pair of canvas, belt and fez cap to be worn depending on the camp activity. See the Official NYSC dress Code:
But corp members over the years have been seen customizing the uniform and slaying with them. They make a fashion out of it. Sometimes you wonder if they wear them to camp or they simply put them on for taking snapshots and fashion. See some customized/unusual NYSC uniforms ranging from ripped khaki trousers to wearing the vest with camouflage etc
These female corpers turned their khaki trousers to bum shorts:
Also, there is one corper who wore hers with cross belts. See her photo
Then others who rocked the NYSC vest with jeans
Other times the NYSC uniform was rocked in different ways
Do they really wear these customized uniforms to the camp or do they just wear them for fashion sake?

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